Great piece, as always! It's been pretty wild to see a mid-season coaching change result in such a different team identity so quickly. Quill promised a more attacking squad and the eye test confirms so far. Bruce up top has been the versatile, energetic presence United needed, but I'm not sure they would've gotten there without the coaching switch. Another huge ingredient to pulling off this reboot has been Quill's guy, Nicky Hernandez. A player without a club who a month later is a starter on a team gunning for the playoffs. What a world.

Also, my eyeballs and I had forgotten about that turquoise versus green uniform abomination against Tampa Bay. That green screen mess could've inspired a 4,000 word, award-winning UniWatch piece.

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Thanks a ton for the sub! You're dead on with Nicky - I liked him a lot in San Antonio, but Quill gets another gear from the guy.

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